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About currency pairs

Currencies are always traded in pairs

Currency prices (i.e. the exchange rate) are always quoted in pairs. GBP/USD, EUR/USD and NZD/CHF are all examples of currency pairs.

The first currency in the pair is called the base currency, while the second currency is called the quote currency. The exchange rate is defined by how much of the quote currency is required to purchase one unit of the base currency. So if GBP/USD is currently trading at 1.32459, this means that it costs 1.32459 USD to purchase 1 GBP.

You may often see currency pairs written without the "/". So GBP/USD can also be written as GBPUSD.

Currency pairs are generally divided into four categories: majors, cross-currencies, exotics, and cryptocurrencies.

Major currency pairs

Major Currency Pairs, or majors, are the most commonly traded currency pairs that have the US dollar on one side.

The following table lists the majors that are tradable on Hummingbird Trading:

Pair Base Quote Security
AUD/USD Australian Dollar United States Dollar Major
EUR/USD Euro United States Dollar Major
GBP/USD Great British Pound United States Dollar Major
NZD/USD New Zealand Dollar United States Dollar Major
USD/CAD United States Dollar Canadian Dollar Major
USD/CHF United States Dollar Swiss Franc Major
USD/JPY United States Dollar Japanese Yen Major

Cross-currency pairs

The most commonly traded currency pairs that do not contain the US dollar are referred to as cross-currency pairs, crosses, or minors.

The following table lists the crosses that are tradable on Hummingbird Trading:

Pair Base Quote Security
AUD/CHF Australian Dollar Swiss Franc Cross
AUD/JPY Australian Dollar Japanese Yen Cross
CAD/CHF Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc Cross
CAD/JPY Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen Cross
CHF/JPY Swiss Franc Japanese Yen Cross
EUR/AUD Euro Australian Dollar Cross
EUR/CAD Euro Canadian Dollar Cross
EUR/CHF Euro Swiss Franc Cross
EUR/GBP Euro Great British Pound Cross
EUR/JPY Euro Japanese Yen Cross
EUR/NZD Euro New Zealand Dollar Cross
GBP/AUD Great British Pound Australian Dollar Cross
GBP/CAD Great British Pound Canadian Dollar Cross
GBP/CHF Great British Pound Swiss Franc Cross
GBP/JPY Great British Pound Japanese Yen Cross
GBP/NZD Great British Pound New Zealand Dollar Cross
NZD/CHF New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc Cross
NZD/JPY New Zealand Dollar Japanese Yen Cross


Exotics are currency pairs with a major currency and a currency of one strong but small economy.

The following table lists the exotics that are tradable on Hummingbird Trading:

Pair Base Quote Security
AUD/CAD Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar Exotic
AUD/NZD Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar Exotic
CHF/NOK Swiss Franc Norwegian Krone Exotic
CHF/PLN Swiss Franc Poland złoty Exotic
EUR/CZK Euro Czech Koruna Exotic
EUR/DKK Euro Danish Krone Exotic
EUR/HKD Euro Hong Kong Dollar Exotic
EUR/HUF Euro Hungarian Forint Exotic
EUR/NOK Euro Norwegian Krone Exotic
EUR/PLN Euro Poland złoty Exotic
EUR/SEK Euro Swedish Krona Exotic
EUR/TRY Euro Turkish lira Exotic
EUR/ZAR Euro South African Rand Exotic
GBP/DKK Great British Pound Danish Krone Exotic
GBP/NOK Great British Pound Norwegian Krone Exotic
GBP/SEK Great British Pound Swedish Krona Exotic
NOK/SEK Norwegian Krone Swedish Krona Exotic
NZD/CAD New Zealand Dollar Canadian Dollar Cross
NZD/SGD New Zealand Dollar Singapore Dollar Exotic
SGD/JPY Singapore Dollar Japanese Yen Exotic
USD/CZK United States Dollar Czech Koruna Exotic
USD/DKK United States Dollar Danish Krone Exotic
USD/HKD United States Dollar Hong Kong Dollar Exotic
USD/HUF United States Dollar Hungarian Forint Exotic
USD/MXN United States Dollar Mexican Peso Exotic
USD/NOK United States Dollar Norwegian Krone Exotic
USD/PLN United States Dollar Poland złoty Exotic
USD/RUB United States Dollar Russian Ruble Exotic
USD/SEK United States Dollar Swedish Krona Exotic
USD/SGD United States Dollar Singapore Dollar Exotic
USD/TRY United States Dollar Turkish lira Exotic
USD/ZAR United States Dollar South African Rand Exotic


The latest addition to the foreign exchange world is cryptocurrencies. Just as with fiat currencies, cryptos are also be quoted in pairs. They are often crossed with other cryptocurrencies, but as they enter the mainstream, more and more crypto-fiat crosses have hit the markets.

Hummingbird Trading currently offers the following cryptocurrencies pairs, available for leveraged fx trading:

Pair Base Quote Security
BTC/EUR Bitcoin Euro Crypto
BTC/GBP Bitcoin Great British Pound Crypto
BTC/JPY Bitcoin Japanese Yen Crypto
BTC/USD Bitcoin United States Dollar Crypto
ETH/EUR Ethereum Euro Crypto
ETH/GBP Ethereum Great British Pound Crypto
ETH/USD Ethereum United States Dollar Crypto
LTC/USD Litecoin United States Dollar Crypto
TRX/USD Tron United States Dollar Crypto


Scarce metals such as gold and silver can also be exchanged and paired with the USD and occasionally other currencies.

As of now, Hummingbird Trading does not offer any minerals, however we hope to get them onto the platform soon. Here are the two most comonly exchaged minerals:

Pair Base Quote Mineral
XAG/USG XAG United States Dollar Gold
XAU/USD XAU United States Dollar Silver

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