Hummingbird - Intuitive Forex Trading


We design and build mobile trading technology


Hummingbird Trading is intuitive. Learn to trade in less than a minute and place new trades with a single tap


Never miss a tick.
We stream real time quotes directly to your phone. Quickly access the most popular currency pairs in the world’s largest market


Accurate charting and indicators. Manage your trades in real time and take control of your profits with world class technology

Hummingbird trading is designed to be safe and secure

Safe & Secure

Hummingbird Trading makes user security a top priority. We have designed our products to protect both your personal data and your trades. In addition to numerous security features we implement a rigourus, yet seamless customer identification process in order to safeguard you and your money.

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Hummingbird - Safe and Secure

About Us

Hummingbird Trading is a mobile, trading and financial technology company based in London, England, New York, NY and Berlin, Germany. We’ve built the currency trading platform of developers, engineers and FX experts that is dedicated to making currency trading accessible, fast and totally secure.

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